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The islands of the Caribbean are known for gorgeous beaches, glistening sands and friendly, fun-loving people. But they hold even more treasures if you are willing to look a little deeper. Gorgeous waterfalls with exotic flora are waiting to steal your breath away.

By far one of the most famous Caribbean waterfalls is on the island of Jamaica. Dunn’s River Falls is a tourist attraction for a reason. But have you ever checked out the backside of the falls? Most people miss this spot of spectacular beauty. Known to the locals as ‘the plantation’, the backside of the falls is marked by a parking lot with an empty plantation home that is used for weddings and other venues. The falls are best seen by hiking up the side along a path (some stairs are provided in the really steep areas) to the top. Bird-of-Paradise bloom along the banks, tropical ferns and flowering vines line the way and the air is perfumed with the scents of water and flowers. Don’t miss this free excursion if you have a couple of hours in Jamaica. It is well worth the hike for the photo opportunities.

Diamond Falls in St. Lucia is described as one of St. Lucia’s natural wonders. The water comes from a volcano and is heavy with iron. Visitors can see the iron deposits on the rocks. The waters are believed to have healing properties and the hot springs located near the falls are frequented by people with arthritis, bug bites and different ailments. The water from the falls is clear and beautiful, while the hot springs smell like sulfur. Diamond falls is surrounded by six acres of beautiful vegetation including many types of tropical flowers. Come experience the beauty and perhaps even the bath.

Diamond Waterfalls

Concord Falls in Grenada is actually three different waterfalls. The first one is easily accessible. The remaining two are a little harder to access, but well worth the trek. There is a staircase that leads to the bottom of the falls for those who are sure-footed. Nutmeg farms line the area and spice vendors sell fresh vanilla and nutmeg in stalls along the roadside. The falls are beautiful alone, but paired with the locals selling their wares and the fantastic scents of spices and flowers, the combination is truly something not to be missed.

Ever wanted to take a dip in a milk bath? Well, here’s your chance. Located north of San Sabastian, Puerto Rico are the hidden falls known as ‘El Charco de la Leche’ or the pool of milk. Actually a set of three cascading waterfalls, the swimming holes are frequented by the locals. The falls are not easily accessible but are well worth the trouble when you view the beautiful drops that form crystal clear swimming holes at different depths.

Come hike the trails. Take the plunges. Bathe in the healing waters. The waterfalls of the Caribbean wait for you to experience all the magic they have to offer.

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