Grenada’s spice plantations are known the world over. The wistful fancy they can smell the alluring scent of nutmeg and vanilla even from their home in another land. This three island collection known mostly as Grenada (includes Carriacou and Petit Martinique) is home to the world’s first underwater sculpture park among the other scenic gems scattered along the island. Waterfalls and white sand beaches are accessible and popular. The feeling of being in a paradise of your imagination is unparalleled. An interesting mix of old and new brings your feet back down to the ground but the unspoiled terrain lifts them right back up again. You won’t know whether you should enjoy a walk along the beach or engage in conversation in town. Both will fill you with a sense of calm.

Settled by both South American and British settlers, Grenada is rich with history. The capitol, St. George’s is home to the National Museum where the history of this beautiful island can be reviewed in its entire splendor. Grenada became the first windward and leeward island to become a sovereign state in 1974.

For those who enjoy the beach, Grand Anse is Grenada’s answer. This 2-mile stretch of sandy shore offers all types of water sports and activities as well as unique craft vendors and eateries. Tropical fish are visible while snorkelling. Divers can explore the wreckage of the MV Bianca C.

Rent a car and drive around to truly experience the beauty of Grenada. You can see sugar cane production, learn how chocolate is made at Belmont Estate, and see the many distilleries that dot the landscape. Try something new. Taste Grenada’s delicacies such as roti (filled pancake) and nutmeg ice cream.

Grenada offers much to the interested traveller. Eat. Play. Live.

Size: 132 square miles
Population: 100,000

Language: English
Demonym: Grenadian

Government: Parliamentary Democracy Under British Constitutional Monarchy
Currency: Eastern Caribbean Dollar (EC$); and the United States dollar (US$) is accepted at most hotels, shops and restaurants

Main City: St George’s
Main Airport: Maurice Bishop International Airport

Telephone Country Code: 473

Local Beer: Carib
National Dish: Oil Down (a one-pot dish of breadfruit, dumplings, salted meat and vegetables stewed in coconut milk).

Entry Visa: All visitors to Grenada must have a current passport that is valid 6 months after the visit and an onward or return ticket. Visas are not required for citizens of the Unites States, Canada, most European and Commonwealth countries.

When To Go: The weather in the Grenada is tropical all year long. The average temperature is 82° F. The rainy season is June through December. The best times of year to visit are January through April which is the driest months. Of course, if you are looking to party Caribbean style, then the August Carnival is a brilliant time of year to visit Grenada.

Marriage Requirements: The couple will need to present the required documents to the Registrar’s Office in the Ministry of Health.

Documents Required: In addition to the completed application for marriage, both the bride and groom will need their:
• passports
• birth certificates along with driver’s licences or other forms of identification
• certificates of no impediment or single status report

Also if applicable:
• divorce papers i.e. decree absolute and/or death certificate of spouse
• proof of parental consent if under 21, stamped and signed by a solicitor
• proof of name change by Deed Poll, stamped and signed by a solicitor

Residency Requirement: The couple must reside on the islands for 3 days before submitting the application for a marriage license. The marriage license takes approximately 2 days to be completed and processed.

Fees: A EC$10 fee is payable at the Ministry of Finance Treasury Department, along with EC$15 Stamp Duty, EC$2 Registration Fee Search and a EC$5 Stamp for placement on your Certified Marriage Certificate.

Witnesses: Two witnesses must be present at the ceremony.