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Ever feel like soaring face down at 65 mph? Ever feel like doing that while strapped into a halter high above the tree tops? Does the name La Bestia (the Beast) send chills racing over you? If this excites you, then you are ready for some zip lining, Caribbean style!

While Puerto Rico has La Bestia, it is hardly the only island to enjoy this adventurous fun. The rainforest of the Caribbean are great for exploring by zipline or zip wires. Soar above the lush, green canopy along Antigua’s Screamer zipline. At heights of up to 350ft above the ground, you can expect to see Howler monkeys and exotic birds. With a total of nine lines, it is sure to get your blood pumping.

St. Lucia is naturally beautiful. Can you even imagine how stunning it is from a birds-eye view? Treetop Canopy Adventures offers guest of cruise ships, hotels and locals a chance to soar over 5100ft of lines and view gorgeous palms brushing past you, streams far below and beautiful flowers. With heights of only 150ft high, these lines are great for those who have never ziplined before.

Arenal Volcano Park in Costa Rica is for the thrill-seeking zipliners. These lines will take you through the Puerto Rican jungle, allow you to see the clear blues of Arenal Lake, and then it will take you over the still active Arenal Volcano. Watch the lava flows while you wonder if your life insurance policy is up-to-date.

Dragon’s Breath in Labadee, Haiti is a view worth the fear. Located over the ocean, it looks out onto the blue of the Caribbean and the blue of the sky. The drop is 500ft down. Tackle your fears and don’t miss this chance to see the beach, the ocean and the horizon from the air. Breathtaking!

Haiti: Zipling at Dragons Breath
Haiti: Zipling at Dragons Breath via flickr ©Andara.

The single longest line in the Caribbean is located on Jamaica. Big Timba is 1600 ft long Jamaica Zipline Adventure Tours has paired Big Timba with several other lines along a course specifically designed to ease first-timers into enjoying the ride. With easy landings and gradually higher and faster lines, this one is perfect for everyone.

For those who love heights, speed and the feeling of being Superman, there is La Bestia in Puerto Rico. Fly through the air with the back harness which allows your arms and legs lots of freedom. The drops are heart-stopping. La Bestia is reported to be the highest zipline in the world. Look at the ribbon of water far below, sail through the misty clouds over the forest and land cliff-side far above the trees.

Ziplining is an easy, if intimidating, adventure. Pay attention as safety precautions are explained. Wear proper shoes. Flip-flops will fall off. Remember your sunscreen and bug repellent. Ziplining is offered alone or in packages that include suspension bridges, rappelling and more. Some offer lunches and transportation. Read your package carefully then strap in, take a deep breath and jump into the air!

Top photo: Antigua: Rainforest canopy tour via ©Antigua Tourism Board.

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