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When you think of the beautiful Caribbean sea, do visions of Johnny Depp come to mind? Well, if you are a lover of all things pirate and want to see gold hoop earrings dangling amidst a tangled and gnarly beard, or wild, curly hair secured by a bandana – then the Cayman Islands are your dream destination.

Every year since 1977, the Cayman Islands host the Pirates Week Festival – an 11 day event celebrating the heritage and history of the Caribbean. Watch as parades dazzle the crowds. Hear the distinctive sounds of the steel pan drums. Taste the scrumptious Caribbean cuisine.

On Friday, the first day of the celebration, join the other revelers on Coral Isle to welcome the renegades at the Pirates Welcome Party. The fireworks and steel pan drum competitions will have your ears ringing and your heart pounding as the kick-off party gets things going. Watch as kids dress up as their favorite pirate and beauty contestants compete for the title of ‘Queen of the Festival’.

Cayman Islands Pirates Week Festival

Saturday brings dancing in the streets as teens rock to the music on Goring Avenue. On Harbour Drive the adults are street dancing and enjoying the food festival. You will need all that dancing to burn off all of the calories from the delicious foods. You can even watch in mock horror as the governor is captured by pirates in the invasion on George Town Bay. What will happen now?

Sunday, November 9th children are invited to celebrate at Pedro’s Castle, where a children’s fun fair is set up. Divers will enjoy the underwater treasure hunt on West Bay. Different parts to the island take different days to celebrate Heritage Days. George Town Heritage Day is celebrated on November 14th.

Head over with the family to Hog Sty Bay for the Caybrew Cardboard Boat Race on Saturday, November 15th. Watch as the SS Sinker and others slowly try to make their way from start to finish without ending up on the bottom of the bay. Hilarious fun for all! Also- don’t miss the sentencing of those pesky pirates for the abduction of the governor today. Hang ‘em high!

With swim meets, 5K and 10K runs and floats, there is so much more to do than could be listed. And it’s not all just a festive event. The very history of the Caribbean Islands is represented during this week. Pirates like L’Olonnais, also known as Jean -David Nau, who came to the Caribbean as an indentured servant and was known for his exceptional cruelty as a pirate, or Calico Jack, who stole a 12 gun sloop in the Bahamas and had two women pirates on his crew. These are the history of the Caribbean- a mighty colorful history.

Come and see all of the history and fun for yourself. Bring the family and visit the Cayman Islands from November 6th – 16th, 2014, for this year’s Cayman Islands Pirates Week Festival. Take home a cultural treasured memory.

Grand Cayman Pirates Week

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