The Trinidad & Tobago Carnival has influenced many all over the world

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The fact that the Trinidad & Tobago Carnival has spread around the world increases the popularity and reputation of the event. Cities such as London, New York, Houston, Toronto and Miami are all destinations that host carnivals which take their inspiration from the Trinidad & Tobago Carnival. These events are special and exciting in their own right but the draw and allure of the original event, in all of it’s over the top glory is a big draw for many tourists. Having the chance to witness the original carnival in all of its glory is something that greatly appeals and the sights, sounds and tastes of the Trinidad & Tobago Carnival cannot be replicated anywhere else but in its Caribbean home.

Plus while calypso music remains an integral part of the carnival, soca music is now becoming the most celebrated type of music that is on offer at the event. This blending of musical style and reinvention of what is on offer has helped to keep the Trinidad & Tobago Carnival fresh. Whether you have witnessed the carnival countless times or your next one will be your first one, this is a carnival that always delights and dazzles.

The dates for the Trinidad & Tobago Carnival up until 2020 have been announced, making it easier for holidaymakers looking to book their trip to take in the festivities. Any reveller keen to see the event in 2015 should note that the Trinidad & Tobago Carnival is scheduled to take place on February the 16th and 17th. Given that this comes a few days after Valentine’s Day, there will be plenty of love in the air at the 2015 Trinidad & Tobago Carnival.

When it comes to finding one of the biggest and most fun party destinations in the world, it is hard to argue with the Trinidad & Tobago Carnival. No matter how many imitators there have been around the world, experiencing the original and best carnival remains a thrilling sight to behold.

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