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Top Tips for Planning Your Caribbean Cruise Holiday

Does the thought of warm sands, luxury accommodations, and exotic ports sound far better than the holidays at home? Then it’s time to start planning your holiday cruise. With a few great tips, planning a Caribeban cruise for two or for twenty is no problem.

First – consider the people going on the Caribbean cruise. What ages do you have? It is important to consider ages and activity levels when booking cruise excursions and planning what cabins people will be in. Older people and those with physical limitations will benefit from cabins close to the elevators. Excursions that offer transportation and easy activities like boat rides will be appreciated by these individuals.

If the Caribbean cruise is just for two, consider a romantic room with a balcony – perfect for morning coffee together, or for watching the stars reflect on the seas at night.

It is also important to consider what cruise line to use. Are you traveling with your children? A Disney cruise would be a better choice than a Celebrity Cruise. People seeking luxury will have a better cruise using Royal Caribbean or Princess cruises. Those looking for a young ‘party’ atmosphere will appreciate Carnival Cruises.

Relaxing View of Luxury Caribbean Cruise Ship

When to book is another factor to consider. Booking early can save thousands on holiday cruises. If your holiday time is flexible, and your party is willing, try booking a few days after Christmas or the week before New Years. You will enjoy great savings.

Cruising over the Christmas holiday will make gift-giving easy. Forget packing presents and trying to get them onto the ship. Do your gift shopping in the ports you visit. The Bahamas have a great straw market where people can haggle over prices on woven fans and baskets, shirts, jewelry and more. This is a great way to get unique one-of-a-kind gifts from exotic ports. Most of the large cruise lines also have great shops aboard the ship that sell gold, name-brand purses, jewelry, perfumes and more. Spend the at-sea days shopping on the ship. On certain days cruise lines cut the prices and have great sales, so be sure to look at your ship itinerary to find out when to visit the shops.

If your group is meeting at the terminal before embarking, wear something matching that will be easily spotted in heavy crowds. Wedding parties can wear shirts with the bride and groom names printed on brightly colored shirts. This helps when trying to make sure everyone is on board the ship.

Lastly- make a pre-cruise checklist and be sure to check it! Things like a passport, photo ID and prescription medications are things you don’t won’t to forget. Ships will not let passengers board without photo ID of some sort. Passports are required in some ports. Be prepared and make sure others in your party are prepared before you leave your house.

With a little preparation, cruising during the holidays will be an enjoyable way to spend time with your loved ones.

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