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The Emergence of Caribbean Fashion and Couture

Caribbean fashion and couture has had a slow start but it is now starting to be appreciated by more people all over the world. Like all countries and regions, the influences on Caribbean clothing are unique and have helped shape the fashion that is most closely associated with the area. The climate, the amazing work carried out by the local population and the Caribbean attitude to vibrant, beautiful colours has bled into the workings of the modern Caribbean fashion scene.

While the influence of fashion movements from around the world can be seen in a Caribbean fashion, there is a large enough movement to say that Caribbean fashion is firmly on the fashion map. The Caribbean Fashion Week has played a great role in marking out Caribbean fashion as being stylish and noteworthy. The first Caribbean Fashion Week took place in 2001 and the event has grown to be a major event in the fashion calendar. While this event is an excellent opportunity for local designers to showcase their wares, a growing number of international designers are flocking to the Caribbean Fashion week to showcase their own designs.

Whether these people associate with the color and style of the Caribbean trend or they want to gain exposure in as many markets as possible, this is the place to be seen. Superstars like Vanessa Williams, Tyson Beckford and Brian McKnight have all made appearances at the Caribbean Fashion Week, exposing the brand and designs to worldwide publicity. While Caribbean Fashion Week is not of the standard of London, New York, and Milan, it should be considered the equal of the fashion weeks that take place in many countries and regions around the world.

Caribbean Fashion Week 2013

Caribbean Fashion Week has had a positive influence

The emergence of the Caribbean Fashion Weekend has inspired other similar events, such as the Dominican Republic Fashion Week or the Trinidad & Tobago Fashion Week. There is also a greater emphasis on fashion in events such as Caribbean International. The fact that the importance of fashion and the popularity of these events is growing is going to encourage more people to develop a love and passion for fashion in the Caribbean.

While you can’t say that everyone is the same, there is no getting away from the fact that bright, colorful and attractive clothing is an important part of the Caribbean lifestyle. Some designers choose to embrace this style while others choose to reference it in an understated manner with other influences coming through. The Caribbean fashion industry is growing and strengthening all the time and the good news comes from the fact that there is movement in a lot of directions, which bodes well for the development of the Caribbean fashion industry.

It is fair to say that the Caribbean fashion industry is not at the level of many of the industries in the European or North American market, but this shouldn’t be seen as a slight or an insult. Instead, it is an opportunity for Caribbean designers to create with greater freedom and innovation. There is an opportunity for Caribbean designers to make their mark with creations that they truly believe in and which symbolizes the beauty of the Caribbean to them. And as Caribbean fashion designers look to larger markets, it’s important to engage the sizeable Caribbean diaspora who can then become passionate ambassadors for their favorite brand.

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