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4 Up And Coming Caribbean Fashion Designers

One of the most important things in the fashion industry is that there are always new designers bringing fresh ideas and impetus to the industry. The big fashion brands and names stay in place forever but even they are impacted upon by the new ideas and styles that come from the ground up. This is why the mark of any international fashion scene can be judged by the emerging designers who are creating waves and grabbing attention. This is one area where the Caribbean fashion industry can be seen to be on the rise because there is a hotbed of new talent looking to make their way to the fore.

Meiling Esau is a fashion pioneer and a true inspiration for generations of Caribbean fashion designers. Hailing from Trinidad & Tobago, Meiling may have moved to England to further her fashion studies but she never left behind her roots or the influences of the Caribbean in her work. This provided her with the opportunity to hone her skills and make her name. Meiling returned to the Caribbean and Trinidad & Tobago where she has played a key role in the emergence of so much new talent. This designer has helped models, designers and so many worthwhile fashionable causes that she deserves to be credited as one of the biggest influences on emerging Caribbean fashion talent.

Caribbean Fashion Designers: Meiling Esau: 2011 Collection

While many Caribbean fashion designers have left the islands to develop their skills, there have been instances of people coming to the Caribbean to set up a base. There is clearly a stunning lifestyle to be gained in places like Jamaica and with the fashion industry coming to life, there is no reason why emerging artists cannot be based in places like the Caribbean. Lubica Slovak made her way to Jamaica from Slovakia, via Toronto and her range showcases the style and sexuality of the modern women. Lubica has been happy to collaborate with artists and performer, helping to create a strong brand in Jamaica, the Caribbean and around the world. Lubica’s range, including dresses, shorts, swimwear and the all-important ready to wear range, is available in various outlets around the world.

Caribbean Fashion Designers: Lubica: Dream Collection

There is also an emerging trend for men to take the lead the in the Caribbean fashion industry. Charles Corvsky Dieujuste from Haiti and currently based in New York has a strong sense of what works with regards female fashion. With the experience of working with a major label and contemporary design teams, he has launched his own label which showcases a range of stylish and formal collections for women.

Caribbean Fashion Designers: Charles Corvsky Dieujuste: 2013 Collection

Repja has been able to showcase a new style of dancehall fashion, which has led to his work being used by professionals, artists, and entertainers all over the world. When it comes to fresh and emerging Caribbean talent, the work of Repja is as cutting edge as it gets. From the dancehalls to the Gala balls, the Caribbean fashion industry offers a wide range of clothes from a broad range of emerging talent and designers.

Caribbean Fashion Designers: Repja: 2014 Collection

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There is a hotbed of new Caribbean fashion designers looking to make their way to the fore. Check out these four!

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