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The Alluring Beaches of the Caribbean

Warm, soft sand, shells of every variety and miles of picture-hunters paradise are available on the Caribbean beaches. With thousands of destinations, the Caribbean has something for everyone.

Truly friendly people and gorgeous beaches await in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. Pulling into port, the first thing people notice is the clear, beautiful water. The urge to dive from the nearest bridge or swim from the nearest beach is almost irresistible.  Great visibility and calm waters are wonderful for snorkeling in this area. Or just relax on the white sands and soak up sun and maybe some rum punch. The laid-back atmosphere will have you planning future retreats to this beach haven.

Some people want to experience the places where locals hang out. In Cozumel, an island in the Caribbean Sea off the eastern coast of Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula, that place is called Mr. Sancho’s. This beach has deep, soft sand – a workout for the legs, but gorgeous clear water and lots of places to play. There is a boat lane, strictly for boats and watercraft. A roped-off area with lots of inflatables is perfect for family fun. A bar/restaurant area complete with swings along the open walls is a nice retreat from the sun, a nice place to refresh and replenish before heading out for more sunbathing or water play.  In the entrance area to the beach, a plaza holds a small marketplace with painted skulls, festive dolls and other crafts.

The private beaches of Coco Cay in the Bahamas offer beauty that is hard to compare. Glistening white sand is accentuated by deep blue waters. Here the water slowly deepens, making great swimming and snorkeling opportunities for young and old alike. Swim out to the large rocks and watch fish and other marine life including small sand sharks. With smaller, uninhabited islands close by it is tempting to swim on to the other islands…but it is probably safer to go with a tour group.

When the best beaches of the Caribbean are talked about, Seven Mile Beach on Grand Cayman is one of the names sure to be mentioned. This stretch of clean, coarse white sand is sprinkled with scraggly grape trees and palms offering some shade from the sun that reflects off of the water. Novices love the smooth waters for snorkeling.  Dive deep in the clear water and watch the fish or grab some bleached shells hiding in the sands on the bottom. Seven Mile Beach is one of the most popular beaches in the world, so don’t expect to find solitude here. Going in the off season will provide more peaceful beach excursions. But with warm water year-round, there will always be visitors to this beach.

For solitude, try Half Moon Bay in Antigua. This circular beach faces towards the Atlantic Ocean. Since it has rougher surf, it is often overlooked. However, the beauty is worth the trip. Couples can spend the day kite boarding without seeing anyone else.

With unlimited options, the Caribbean beaches beckon to all beach lovers to come and play.

Top photo: Knip Beach in Curacao.

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