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Best Places to Surf in the Caribbean

Are you a surfing pro and looking to catch some waves in the Caribbean? Or are you a beginner and looking for a place to learn? Well the Rincon Surf School in Puerto Rico has just what you need, whether you are an advanced surfer looking for local lodging, or a beginning surfer trying to figure out which board to use. Group and private lessons are available as well as one-on-one lessons.

After you get a few tips and feel steady, you’ll then be ready to surf in the most amazing waters in the world…the Caribbean.

Rincon is not only the place to learn to surf, but it is a surfing heaven. Known worldwide for great waves, Rincon beaches face both north and south due to the area’s location. That means you can catch great waves year round.

Rincon Surf School

Puerto Viejo is home to some amazing surf areas. With the wave known as ‘Salsa Brava’ awaiting, this area is not for novices. The wave starts in deep water. It breaks in shallow water. This causes a great ‘heavy’ wave, perfect for advanced surfers looking to gain a ride in the tube. Beginners and intermediate surfers can try their hand at places like Playa Cocles.

The Dominican Republic offers year round surfing opportunities due to being bordered by the Atlantic and the Caribbean oceans. Try Puerto Plata in the winter. If you are a beginner, try out La Boya on the Caribbean coast.

For the beginning surfer looking for some fun without a lot of danger, Jamaica has just the place. Boston Bay, which is the oldest surfing spot on Jamaica, is great for a fun ride. The lighthouse and Makka are places for advanced surfers to catch big swells. Jamaica typically has calm waters so this area is perfect to learn the sport of surfing.

Duppies located in Barbados, is known for consistent waves that keep surfers happy. Strong currents cause the strong right wave. This area is best for intermediate surfers. The Soupbowl also in Barbados is home to local and international competitions. This area is named for the foamy surf and unusual rocks that stick out of the surf. Advanced surfers can enjoy huge waves nearly year round. And the beach is beautiful for those who just want to sit and watch the surfers compete.

Don’t forget the Bahamas when you plan your surf trips! Abacos and Cat Island get swells from the north, east and south. Hurricane season offers swells that are comparable to Hawaiian swells. And because most of these islands are not easily accessible, they are not crowded like the more well-known surf havens. Bring your own board though. There are not many outfitters on these islands.

Whatever level of surfer you are; wherever you decide to spend your time, enjoy the Caribbean waters. The islands offer perfect opportunities for any level, beginner to advanced. Come see the competitions. Come catch a wave. Come relax on our beaches. Bring your board and have a blast in the Caribbean. The waves are calling you!

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