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While there may be a temptation to book a Caribbean vacation at a luxury resort and never venture far from the beach or the hotel pool, this would be to miss out on a lot of fun. There is a stunning diversity of cultures and activities on offer from the different parts of the Caribbean and there is a lot to be said for getting around a variety of destinations.

This is as true for the locals as it is for the holidaymakers and the best way to get around the Caribbean is by sailing. The relaxing tropical breeze will energise you as you make your way around the different ports on offer in the Caribbean.

St Kitts is deemed to be one of the best starting points or drop-off points on a Caribbean sailing. There is a great focus on appealing to as many people as possible and there is an attractive program for holidaymakers and people looking to set up home for a new life. There has been a considerable level of development work carried out in St Kitts of late with many foreign investor ploughing great sums into the port areas. This means that there is plenty to see do no matter how long you stop off here.

St Thomas: Busy harbor
US Virgin Islands: Busy harbour in St Thomas.

There is something for everyone with Caribbean sailing trips
If you are keen to experience the French influence on the Caribbean, a trip to Martinique is on the cards. This is an affordable resort but there is a blend of the old and the new, which should ensure that there is something for everyone. Traditional fishing ports sit neatly alongside modern marinas and the region is well known for hosting regattas and races.

With a title of “the Most Beautiful Island in the World”, there is a great deal of pressure being built up with respect to a trip to Saint Lucia. This is an island where sailing and yachting are practically mandatory but there are plenty of stunning sights and views to behold if you make your way inland. Whether you want to check out the volcanos or you are keen to see how long you can withstand the hot pools, St Lucia is a stunning destination that has something for everyone.

St Martin is a great place to relax and the island offers a broad range of activities for anyone who is keen to come in and off shore on a regular basis. This is an island with a considerable range of beaches in secluded areas so if you are keen to relax and unwind in peace and quiet, this is likely to be an ideal destination.

If you love sailing, you’ll love the British Virgin Islands. This is a fantastic opportunity to island hop and if you want to see even a portion of the beauty and majesty of these islands, you’ll need to sail from port to port. This is also a tremendous location for anyone that is looking to enjoy a wide range of sailing events throughout the course of the year.

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One of the best ways to travel, explore and visit multiple islands in the Caribbean is by sailing around on a boat or yacht.

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