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Celebrating 30 Years of the Tortuga Rum Company

When people visit the Caribbean islands they are often presented with a delicious glass or two of rum punch. Oh, but there is something else so yummy that is made of the famous rum of the Caribbean that one must try – specifically, rum cake. Tortuga Rum Cake is known throughout the cruise passenger and tourist worldwide. Each year about 21 million visitors to the islands get the opportunity to sample the world-famous moist and delicious cake.

Where did it all start? Well, with rum, of course. Good rum. The Tortuga Rum Company was started in 1984 by a husband and wife team who knew the value of the Cayman Islands rum. They also started the company to fill the growing demand for Cayman Islands rums which gained favor as a souvenir and also as a growing business.

In 1987, following a four-generation family recipe, Carlene started baking the first Tortuga Caribbean Rum Cakes. They were a hit and soon became a popular part of their line in their duty-free liquor stores. By 1990 the cakes had gained so much popularity that Carlene and Robert had to open a commercial bakery to keep up with the orders. Just ten short years after that first cake, the company had to expand into Miami, Florida to handle all of the mail orders, online demand and worldwide distribution of the rum cakes.

Today, Tortuga Rum Cakes are the top export of the Cayman Islands. They are also the most-purchased souvenir of cruise passengers for the past 10 years. But you don’t have to be a tourist to get your hands on these sweet treats. Varieties from a six-pack of 4-ounce cakes to the big 33-ounce cake can be shipped right to your door. And with specialized vacuum-packing, these cakes will last indefinitely if frozen.

If the original rum cake is not exciting enough for your taste buds, try the chocolate rum, coconut rum, banana, key lime or pineapple Tortuga Rum Cakes. A taste of the famous liquor paired with a fruity taste of the Caribbean – yum! What would make it even better? Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee. Now you can order the paired-up combination and have a real island treat ready for you and your family anytime.

Cayman Islands: Tortuga Rum Cakes

With the holidays always approaching, wouldn’t one of these treats be a great gift? No need to travel to the Cayman’s to grab a one-of-a-kind gift for Mom. Just visit and shop for great gift baskets. The Ultimate Island Gift Basket holds a 33-ounce Golden Rum Cake, a 4-ounce Coconut Rum Cake, five island sauces including the Hell Fire Sauce, Rum flavored gourmet coffee and more. The Tempting Delight Basket holds Pineapple and Golden Rum cake, Tortuga Rum Liquor Coffee, Sweet Heat Caribbean Pepper Sauce and Mango and Ginger sauce along with Spicy Seafood Grilling Sauce-perfect for loved ones who enjoy sweet-hot combinations.

You will be the gift-giving hit of the office with the Tortuga Gift Cake Tower. Three Tortuga Rum Cakes in 4, 16 and 33-ounce sizes are tied with a red bow. Perfect as a gift for one special person or separate them for three stunning individual gifts. Be ready for a promotion!

These cakes and sauces aren’t just for gift-giving. Showing up in gift bags for the Muhammad All Fight Night, served as ‘the dessert with island jazz’ to Celine Dion and Cee Lo Green at the Jamaican Jazz and Blues Festival, these cakes have made a spot for themselves on the international scene.

Awards for the Tortuga International Holdings include the Cayman Cook-off award for Tortuga Pepper Jelly, the 2013 Scovie award ‘fiery foods’ winner for the Tortuga Spice Seafood Grill sauce, and the gold medal in the Best White Rum Awards 2013 for the Tortuga Light Rum.

From simple rum, to rum cakes, to an expanding product line, the Caribbean business started in 1984 by Robert and Carlene Hamaty has grown into an international food and drinks brand. With exceptional products, great quality and a commitment to Cayman Islands and the rest of the Caribbean where it all started, the Tortuga Rum Company is sure to be a big player for years to come.

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For 30 years now, the The Tortuga Rum Company has been providing delicious Tortuga Rum Cakes to visitors to the Cayman Islands and others across the region; also now internationally.

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