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3 Unique Caribbean Dining Experiences You Should Try

Make no mistake about it…in the Caribbean life revolves around great food. All three of these islands may be off the beaten path but they offer unique dining experiences you need to try.

Cayman Islands: Cayman Cabana Oceanside RestoBar
If you’ve ever worn or seen the clothing line by Luigi Moxam called One Tree Four Five then you know #loveyoulikecookfood is one of his favourite sayings. He’s now proving it by offering a refreshing take on dining out. Located on the historic George Town waterfront with sweeping views of the ocean views is Cayman Cabana, known for its authentically progressive, Caymanian cuisine. You can enjoy the islands freshest fish, local favorites like stewed beef n’ mac and of course, ice cold beers and frozen tropical drinks are part of the daily menu. What you MUST experience are the Farm To Table evenings held on Thursday nights, where you can enjoy locally grown produce, meats and seafood. Working in partnership with local farmers and fishermen, you get to experience a meal packed with flavor and the freshest ingredients. Be sure to try the homemade mango salsa and their rum bbq sauce.
Cayman Cabana: Lobster Lobster dish at Cayman Cabana. Photo credit: ©Cayman Cabana.

Tobago: Table for Two. Made For You.
Imagine a restaurant with only one table and seating for only two. This is what you get at Table for Two, Made for You located in Tobago and run by Yoga Instructor and multi-disciplinary artist Elspeth Duncan. She describes an evening at Table for Two as “a multi-layered creative and culinary experience for just you and someone special.” “One of my greatest joys in life is creating special multidimensional experiences for people—uplifting, unique and memorable. When I was living a raw food lifestyle I discovered the joy of creative and artistic food preparation. I would spend hours in the kitchen inventing dishes, arranging them artistically and taking photos of them (prior to consumption). I thought—why not combine my love of creating with peoples’ love of dining out and toss in some extra special customised ingredients to make the experience one like no other?” No two dining experiences are alike. If you have allergies or don’t like certain foods you can let the chef know on the booking form. After that, your eating is a purely instinctive journey. “There is no set menu. Part of the surprise element of Table for Two is that you only know what’s ‘on the menu’ when you are here and each course is placed before you,” says Elspeth. Guests may also be surprised with a musical treat, special art work and tokens to remember the evening by. You must make reservations in advance for this vegetarian cuisine only dining experience.
Table for Two: Sweethearts Sweethearts dish at Table For Two. Photo credit: ©Table For Two.

Montserrat: Aqua Montserrat Sunday Lime
Sundays at the beach are never more fun than when they feel unplanned and chilled out with great music, friends and of course food. You can sign up for snorkeling class or to go spearfishing with one of the pros to catch your own fish. Then head back to shore for some cold drinks, coconut water straight from the nut and shell fish or some other seafood delicacy roasting on a coal pot or grill. Aqua Montserrat is the brainchild of naturalista Vita Wade, who combined her love for the water with her passion for creating a space for other people to relax and enjoy the sea. You will always find fresh fruit laid out in baskets made from coconut fronds which are free for you to enjoy. With so many juicy fruits growing on the island, the options seem endless. Come to snorkel or just to eat but be prepared to have a great afternoon of finger licking food.
Aqua Montserrat: fish caught with a spear while snorkelling A bucket of fish caught with a spear while free diving at Little Bay in Montserrat. Photo: ©Aqua Montserrat.

Top photo: Festive times at Cayman Cabana. Photo credit: ©Cayman Cabana.

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