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Are you looking to book a bonefishing holiday? One that will provide opportunities to engage in a fight or two with some fish that will have your teeth-gnashing and muscles aching? That’s exactly what you will get when you angle for bonefish in the Caribbean. With sharp teeth, slender bodies and the heart of a fighter, these fish give anglers an exhilarating fight for their money.

Bonefish like to frequent the mudflats and shallows of the clear Caribbean waters, searching for crabs and shrimp. Anglers donned in waders and sunglasses love to stand along the edges of the water, and fight these fish onto the banks.

Bahamas: fishing
Fishing in the Bahamas via ©Bahamas Tourist Board.

The number one destination in all of the world for great bonefishing is the Bahamas. With over 700 islands and numerous mudflats, the Bahamas are the place to be to catch bonefish. Andros Island is the most popular of the Bahamas islands for this popular sport fish.

Outfitters like Andros South are there to help anglers enjoy the most from their fishing trips. With a comfortable lodge, full open bar, all of your gear and your food included in the package price, all you will have to bring is a smile and some sunscreen.

Mount Pleasant Lodge, also on Andros Island, is perfect for fishers who want to fish without the help of guides. Here, cottages are available right at the edge of the bonefish flats. Step out of your door with your rod and wade into the clear waters. Sight fishing is great here. When the tide ebbs, there are loads of bonefish for the taking. Enjoy fishing in peace and solitude, on your own time, in your own spot.

Providenciales, or Provo, in the Turks and Caicos, boast some of their own world-class bonefishing. Here, places like Cooper Jack Bight and Long Bay Beach are just waiting for anglers to cast their fly rods towards the shallows on the south side of the island. Harbor Club Villas and Marina is a great place to stay, out of the way and secluded. The Flamingo Lake located nearby is loaded with bonefish. Great for a relaxing fishing vacation. If you want to rent a skiff, they have them available. Take off in your skiff and head to your own mudflat for a day of fantastic angling in the crystal clear shallows.

For those who want deeper sea challenges, fish for tuna, grouper and barracuda on one of the deep sea charters also located on these islands. Places like Born Free Fishing Charters are just waiting to welcome your group onto one of their well equipped yachts. If you worry that you will waste a lot of money and come away empty-handed, forget about it! Born Free guarantees you catch fish or your full day charter is free. How’s that for a guarantee?

Getting to the Bahamas outer islands are easy with many water taxi services. The lodges also offer shuttles to your favorite spots. Bahamas Air makes it easy to visit the islands from Fort Lauderdale or Nassau. Come and experience the finest bonefishing in the Caribbean!

Top photo: Fishing via Born Free Fishing Charters.

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