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Top 10 Reasons To Retire In The Caribbean

For many people, the Caribbean paints the perfect picture of blissful paradise to enjoy their retirement years. With year-round tropical climate, beautiful beaches and unspoiled natural wonders, the region offers an irresistible escape from the bustle of their home country. If you’re looking to retire, here are 10 reasons to retire in the Caribbean.

1. Diversity of the Caribbean islands
From busy townships to remote natural hideaways, no two Caribbean islands are the same. Whether the preference is to relocate to a townhouse development with existing infrastructure for easy communication back home, or for an untouched beachfront property hidden away from prying eyes, it can all be found here in the Caribbean.

2. Accessibility
The region’s proximity to North America is a definite advantage for many retirees. A variety of regularly scheduled direct flights make it easy to stay connected with family and friends in the home country. The area is also easily accessible from Europe and further afield.

3. Established Expat Community
Most Caribbean islands already have an established expat community so you can have access to people who are already familiar with the local culture and infrastructure will help make your transition easier. While full immersion is recommended, you will find comfort in being able to socialize with people from your home country.

4. Delicious Cuisine
Imagine being able to pick fresh, ripe mangos from your backyard. The Caribbean is rich with fertile soil growing a wide variety of tropical fruits and vegetables. In addition, Caribbean food is known for its strong flavours thanks to an abundance of natural herbs and spices. Local chefs at many restaurants put a Caribbean spin on North American and European dishes for unique yet delicious adventure for you taste buds.

5. Natural Beauty
There is uniqueness to the beauty of the islands in the Caribbean which exists nowhere else in the world. Clear waves kiss pristine, white sand beaches that lead into captivating natural landscapes bordered by mountains of indigenous plants and flowers. Spend your days lazing away at the beach, hiking nature trails or exploring the depths of hidden caves.

Bequia: The Old Fort Estate Development Beach on the beautiful Caribbean island of Bequia, St Vincent & The Grenadines Photo credit: ©The Old Fort Estate Development.

6. Beautiful Weather
The tropical warmth of the Caribbean is a major appeal for people longing to get away from the icy cold of winter. Seasonal temperatures hardly vary, guaranteeing that most of your days will be filled with golden sunshine.

7. Welcoming Nature Of The People
Caribbean people are known all over the world for their exceptional warmth and hospitality. Wherever you live in the region, you will experience the friendliness of the people as they welcome you to the neighbourhood. It is not uncommon to see a local stranger offering assistance if you appear to be in distress, while expecting no payment in return.

8. Slower Pace Of Life
Of course, the whole point of retiring in the Caribbean is to put your feet up and relax. What better place to do so than in a place where the people are as laid back as the breeze blowing through the palms? The slow pace will allow you to exhale and enjoy the beauty of your surroundings, and may inspire you to indulge in new found hobbies, like painting or writing a book.

9. Government Incentives
Some islands like Antigua & Barbuda have Citizenship by Investment Programs, which makes it easy to purchase property and live on island full time. There are a number of Caribbean islands with similar arrangements allowing long term residents to access local tax breaks and incentives.

10. Real Estate/Property
It may not be the cheapest part of the world to purchase property but there is an abundance of choice – from the more affordable 1-2 bedroom condos to sprawling mansions and villas, many with spectacular ocean views. Whatever your budget, the trade off from city life to a peaceful tropical paradise is undeniably well worth the price.

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