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Over the past seven years, the Trash the Dress photography session has become an exciting addition to the memories that couples can make during their wedding festivities.

Some may say Trash the Dress is about celebrating the adventure that marriage will be and capturing the moment, while others who are not very sentimental enjoy the opportunity to wear that fabulous gown one more time.

The Caribbean offers a multitude of ways to capture those stolen moments, underwater or above but it is important that it be done safely. Your photographer can suggest locations for your shoot but it is helpful if you have an idea in mind and then discuss together how it can be brought to life.

Ideas for your Trash the Dress

There is remarkable contrast to be found in a snazzy dressed couple perched in the doorways of old wooden buildings or tree trunks.

Consider this your moment as a mermaid washed up on shore with your new husband providing mouth to mouth resuscitation. Water, damp clothing, limp hair, sand, and the heat you both create can make magic on film.

Fancy a sail? Take to the high seas in a row boat or hire a private yacht for the day. Shots below and above deck, diving off the bow, go for it.

Caves provide another great location for a photo session. Be sure that your photographer has worked in that environment before and can harness the dim lighting for the best effect. Other ideas to consider, parasailing, horseback riding on the beach or on a trail, and old sugar mill, hiking a mountain path, hidden coves and waterfalls.

Trash the Dress: Bride & Groom

Stay Safe
Safety is paramount if you plan to take photos under or in water. Choose a location which considers both of your swimming abilities. If you cannot swim then stay close to the water’s edge and where you always have a steady footing.

Your clothing should be suited for the conditions. Long trains or very heavy fabrics are not recommended if you plan to be in or around water. If you plan to dive into the water, ensure the dress is not bulky and will give your freedom of movement to swim.

A Trash the Dress ceremony can be quite long and intense, so be sure that you are in good physical shape. Have towels on hand as working in and around the water can get chilly.

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