Five Things to Do on Your Caribbean Spa Holiday

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With many people packing 60 hours of work into 20-hour work days it’s no wonder that spa vacations to the Caribbean end up at the top of the Must-Do list.  However, if you are going to make the most of your time away from work then be sure to do these five things.

1. Turn off your phone/do not go online. Now that our phones are our offices, this can be a challenge if work requires your constant attention or you believe it does. But truthfully, the world won’t end because you don’t respond to your messages every five minutes or even for a half a day. Use the on vacation option for phone messages and emails. Forward emails to a colleague and resist heavily the urge to respond.

2. Grab an SLR and capture the moments without sharing online. It is quite ok to indulge in one of our fantastic Caribbean island sunsets without reaching for your phone to share it on Instagram. Be a bit selfish and pretend that today’s sunset was just for you to enjoy. If you must, take a photo with a standalone camera which will limit your need to check emails and get on social media.

3. Ditch the schedule. For people who are very time conscious and plan their lives down to the nanosecond, here is another challenge for you. Don’t make a plan of how you will spend each day. Let it unfold as it comes. Some mornings you may want to laze in bed, another, get up early to watch the sunrise after a swim. When you are not time bound you can take in the moments and savor them rather than watching the clock run in order to get to the next activity.

4. Be open to receive. People who spend a lot of time doing and giving are often not very good at receiving. This spa break is all about you, so be open and expect to be blessed with good things. It can be the street vendor offering you a mango or a slice of papaya, or an extra coupon for a mud treatment slipped under your door. Stay open and say thank you.

5. Treasure you. At the end of your break it will be quite easy to turn on that phone and go back to life as usual. However, take a little bit of your holiday with you. Use that mental image or photo of that morning sunrise to center you and remind yourself that while you have a lot to do and give, you can choose to take it slow.

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Nerissa Golden

Nerissa Golden is an award-winning media strategist, business coach and author who blogs about life and work in the Caribbean at TrulyCaribbean.Net.

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