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Authentic Caribbean Rum MarqueRumfest 2014 provided the opportunity to sample over 400 rums from across the globe. No surprise, but I started out by tasting most of those marketed under the Authentic Caribbean Rum Marque. These are Caribbean rum brands that have been rigorously assessed and granted the Marquee license by the West Indies Rum & Spirits Producers Association (WIRSPA). Each Caribbean rum brand approved for this license uses a wide variety of fermentation, distillation, aging and blending methods but they all represent provenance and quality. They are all authentic Caribbean rum brands produced with the highest standards and below I highlight five of my favorites. As my rum palate is still developing, I also share the official tasting notes for each as provided by the Authentic Caribbean Rum.

Ron Barceló Imperial from the Dominican Republic
Appearance: Brilliant copper to amber. ABV (%): 38% & 40.0
Aroma: Rich aromas of mocha, melted toffee, lush baking spices, and dried sour cherries and honeyed raisins.
Palate: a smooth supple entry to a dry-yet-fruity full body with great depth and evolving layers of spiced nuts, Crème Brulee, suede and dried fruit notes. Finishes with a long, peppery and elegant tobacco leaf, cigar box, and mineral accented fade.
Awards: Gold – Old Aged – Miami Rum Festival 2013, 2010. Gold – SIP Award 2011. Gold & Best in category – International Rum Festival 2008, 2003.
Authentic Caribbean Rum: Ron Barceló Imperial

Doorly’s XO from Barbados
Appearance: Deep amber. ABV: 40%
Aroma: Medium-weight and elegant. Some nuttiness, then rich, perfumed sweetness: acacia honey, mango. Full, complex and sweet.
Palate: A subtle, vanilla-laden complexity. Baked banana, sweet raisin, sultana, hint of walnut.
Awards: Multiple medal winner including Gold from the IWSC, ISC, Monde Selection, San Francisco Wine & Spirits and the BTI.
Authentic Caribbean Rum: Doorly’s XO

Borgoe 8 Year Old Grand Reserve from Suriname
Appearance: Deep amber. ABV: 40%
Aroma: A sweet Demerara nose with a hint of vanilla and caramel, developing into a rich scent of maple syrup.
Palate: A dry and smooth opening reveals woody and nutty flavors and just a hint of tobacco leading into a clean and delicate finish.
Authentic Caribbean Rum: Borgoe 8 Year Old Grand Reserve

Rhum Barbancourt from Haiti
Appearance: Tones of freshly cut grass and from thereafter a series of aromas are introduced to the nose – progressing from apricot to vanilla and then brown sugar. ABV: 43%
Palate: Bittersweet introduction leads to strong essence of vanilla touched with a hint of cigar smoke. This is followed by caramel and cocoa. Finish is a light bitter coffee which quickly turns into soft, creamy toffee yet some of the bitterness lingers for a while on the palate.
Authentic Caribbean Rum: Barbancourt Réserve Spéciale Five

Westerhall Vintage Rum from Grenada
Appearance: Burnt copper. ABV: 40%
Aroma: Toffee apple, Maple syrup, vanilla.
Palate: Dry wood with sweet maple syrup, toffee-apple, and honeycomb.
Authentic Caribbean Rum: Westerhall Vintage Rum

Visit Authentic Caribbean Rum to learn more about the Caribbean rum brands and distilleries accredited to use the Authentic Caribbean Rum Marque.  And for a general list of all Caribbean rum brands, read another of our blog posts,  The Story of Caribbean Rum.

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Discover our 5 favorite Authentic Caribbean Rum Marquee brands. These Caribbean rum brands were vigorously assessed and granted the Marquee licence by the West Indies Rum & Spirits Producers.

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