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Bermuda Travel Guide

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Everything you need to know before you fly to Bermuda 

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When To Go



Bermuda Dollar

Ideal length of Stay

7 to 14 days

About Bermuda

Think pink.  Britain’s oldest colony which sits just 850 miles off the coast of North Carolina is one of the most beautiful islands in the world.  Punctuated by incredible pink sand, Bermuda is known the world over as an oasis – a respite from the day-to-day and a return to when things were pure. The beautiful pastels of Hamilton, the pinks of the beach, and the turquoise blue of the water provide a kaleidoscope for the senses.  With something for everyone – history buffs, nature lovers, and sunbathers alike, Bermuda is truly a one-stop paradise.

But Bermuda isn’t just one island.  It’s an archipelago of over 120 islands. Twenty of these islands are inhabited and can be accessed by causeway and boat. This makes for a wonderful day of island hopping for those interested in exploring everything Bermuda has to offer.

The British influence in Bermuda is undeniable. History is alive and well in St. George with For Catherine can be visited. Swimming, snorkelling, shopping, seeing exotic wildlife – it can all be done in Bermuda.  

Bermuda’s rich heritage is evidenced by the diverse people that live on the island.  Descendants from West African slaves, Irish adventures, British settlers, American Indians and native Bermudans are unlike any people on other Caribbean islands.  Their friendliness is unparalleled; they will do anything they can to make your stay enjoyable.  Their accents are unique; it is an eclectic mix of British English and Bermudan lilt and is positively lyrical and soothing to the ears.  The culture is magnificent to witness.  Gombeys or dance and drum troupes routinely take to the streets to treat people to an impromptu dance performance.   Carnival is colourful and dynamic.  A more satisfying stay can’t be found.

Bermudans enjoy dinner with a jacket and slacks and tourists are expected to do the same.  The attire is a bit more formal than at other Caribbean destinations.

If you are interested in seeing several different cultures at work in the same place – British jurisprudence, African dance, and Caribbean flair, Bermuda is the place for you. Oh, and don’t worry about the whole Bermuda triangle thing. Scientists have long since debunked the whole notion as much fodder for novels.  


Where To Stay In Bermuda

Visitors to Bermuda stay in a wide variety of accommodations, including private rental, guesthouses, and luxurious all-inclusive hotels. Some of the best hotels in Bermuda include:

  • Elbow Beach Resort & Spa
  • Cambridge Beaches Resort & Spa
  • Greenbank Guesthouses & Cottages
  • Grotto Bay Beach Resort & Spa
  • Hamilton Princess & Beach Club
  • Rosewood Bermuda
  • The Loren at Pink Beach
  • The Reefs Resort & Club
  • Rosedon Hotel

Activities In Bermuda

Major tourist activities in Bermuda include:

  • Learning about Bermudan history at the National Museum of Bermuda 
  • Exploring colonial St George with its many pastel houses and historic buildings  
  • Relaxing at one of the island’s pink-sand beaches including Horseshoe Bay Beach
  • Admiring the beautiful rock formation and caves at Crystal Cave & Fantasy Cave
  • Walking or cycling the length of the island via the Railway Trail

Facts About Bermuda


20.6 square miles 



Official Language:




Capital City:

City of Hamilton 


Unitary Parliamentary with British Constitutional Monarchy

Telephone Country Code:



left side of the road

Local Rum:

Gosling’s Black Seal Rum

National Dish:

Bermuda fish chowder served with sherry pepper sauce 

Main Airport:

L.F. Wade International Airport (BDA)


120v / 60Hz – plugs are US standard two and three-prong 

Visa Information For Bermuda

Bermuda is a British Overseas Territory, and as such, the United Kingdom immigration rules apply.  That said, visitors from the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom do not need a visa to visit Bermuda.   

Visitors to Bermuda from the United States and Canada need to have a valid passport or a birth certificate and a photo I.D. as well as an onward or return ticket in their possession.  Travelers from the United Kingdom, Commonwealth countries of the Caribbean, the Republic of Ireland, and European Union countries need a current passport. Visitors from most other countries require a visa to enter Bermuda. 

How Long Does It Take To Get A Visa For Bermuda

With a valid passport and supporting documents, it typically takes two weeks for visa application to be processed by the nearest British Consulate or Embassy. An approved visa application grants entry to Bermuda for three months.  

If you want to stay in Bermuda for longer than three months, then you have to apply to the Chief Immigration Officer in person at the Government Administration Building before your initial 21 day stay ends.   

Is It Safe In Bermuda

In comparison to major American and European cities, Bermuda is relatively safe, but there is some crime. As such, it is though recommended that visitors be vigilant at all times, especially when away from the major hotels and tourist areas. 

How To Get To Bermuda

Most visitors to Bermuda arrive via the L.F. Wade International Airport (IATA: BDA) located in the parish of St George’s.  

From Canada, book flights to Bermuda via:

  • Air Canada: Toronto–Pearson
  • WestJet: Toronto–Pearson

From the United States, book flights to Bermuda via:

  • American Airlines: Miami, New York–JFK, Philadelphia
  • Delta Air Lines: Atlanta, Boston, New York–JFK
  • JetBlue: Boston, New York–JFK
  • United Airlines: Seasonal: Newark

From the United Kingdom, book flights to Bermuda via:

  • British Airways: London–Gatwick

When To Go To Bermuda

High Season for Bermuda is May through October. With the weather warm and sunny, hotels are booked far in advance, and everything is open.  The low season for visiting Bermuda is mid or late November through early March.  

Major events attracting visitors to Bermuda include: 

  • January: Bermuda Restaurant Week
  • March: Bermuda International Film Festival
  • June: Bermuda Heroes Weekend
  • May: Bermuda Day, weekend of festivities 
  • August: Cup Match, range of events including the annual St George’s and Somerset cricket match 

Weather In Bermuda

Bermuda’s hottest time of the year is May through October.  The temperatures stay between 75° and 85°.  Temperatures stay around 70° in the winter months.  While hurricanes are not common, Bermuda has had some in the past.  Hotels routinely instate a hurricane guarantee in the event that one should occur.

Getting Married In Bermuda

Marriage Requirements:

A couple wishing to get married in Bermuda must complete and mail a Notice of Intended Marriage form along with copies of their documentation to the Bermuda Registrar General within three months of the intended wedding date.

Documents Required:

In addition to the completed Notice of Intended Marriage form, both the bride and groom will need to submit copies of their:

  • passports 
  • birth certificates along with driver’s licences or other forms of identification
  • certificates of no impediment or single status report

Residency Requirement:

None but would recommend at least 2 days before the ceremony.  


Marriage Registration BM$243, ceremony and certificate BM$24 and further copies BM$24 each.  


Two witnesses must be present at the ceremony.  

Marriage Procedure:

Upon receipt of the completed form and documents, the Registrar’s office will arrange for the notice to be published in two local newspapers.  If there are no objections, the Registrar will issue the marriage license, valid for three months.   

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