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Trinidad & Tobago Travel Guide

Useful Tips

Everything you need to know before you fly to Trinidad & Tobago 

Average Trip Cost


When To Go

January to May


Trinidad and Tobago Dollar (TT$)

Ideal length Of Stay

7 to 14 days

About Trinidad and Tobago

When you think of the Caribbean, what comes to mind? The limbo? Steelpan? Calypso music? Carnival? If these things are part of your Caribbean list, you will feel at home in Trinidad & Tobago. Steelpan as a musical instrument originated from Trinidad & Tobago and is the national instrument. Trinidad & Tobago’s carnival is the most spectacular of all of the carnival celebrations in the Caribbean. Calypso music started in Trinidad & Tobago, and soca music took off on the twin-island federation. These gems are held in high esteem and practiced all over the world.

Trinidad & Tobago are not your typical Caribbean islands. While they have beautiful beaches, lively calypso music, and friendly island people in abundance, Trinidad & Tobago is the most industrialized island in the Caribbean. In fact, Trinidad receives more business travelers than tourists in any given year. Trinidad may be the epicenter of business for the Caribbean, but it also has 450 bird species to look for and over 150 animal and reptiles species. The people of Trinidad & Tobago are from many different parts of the world. The traditions and celebrations are reflective of this cultural variety. Javanese, Hindu, Lebanese, and many others populate this island and have for centuries.

Populated by the Arawak ad Carib Indians before being discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1498, Trinidad & Tobago was left barren for nearly 100 years after the Spanish enslaved the natives and shipped them to other islands to work. The island became populated with British people and African slaves; a new population came into being. After the ending of slavery, Chinese, Middle Eastern, and Indian people were brought to the island to work as indentured workers. Now all of the cultures that call this island home, work amicably together to create an island paradise.

Interested visitors can enjoy hiking at all skill levels, biking, zip-lining, turtle watching, cave exploration, and kayaking in Trinidad. The larger of the two islands, Trinidad boasts an array of activities that are perfect for both the novice and the experienced. If you are looking for beaches, though, Tobago will be the better destination, as most of Trinidad’s beaches are undeveloped. 

Tobago has an entirely different appeal. Considered by World Atlas Travel to be the “Best Eco Destination in the World,” Tobago brings its own uniqueness to the table. Over 6000 species of plants and animals populate this island. The diving in Tobago is superb. The beaches are pristine, and the people are friendly. It is the quintessential beach vacation. 

Tobago also has an unusual Easter activity – goat and crab racing. “Jockeys” work with the goats to cross the finish line. Crabs are enticed to cross the finish line, though the task is not as easy as with the goats. There’s something you don’t see every day!
Trinidad & Tobago offers a mix of activities to experience on both islands. Visit Trinidad & Tobago and see how diverse it is for yourself.

Where To Stay In Trinidad and Tobago

Visitors to Trinidad & Tobago stay in a wide variety of accommodations, including private rental, guesthouses, and luxurious all-inclusive hotels.  Some of the best hotels in Trinidad & Tobago include: 


  • Hyatt Regency Trinidad
  • Hilton Trinidad & Conference Centre
  • Radisson Hotel Trinidad 
  • Courtyard By Marriott Port of Spain 
  • The Carlton Savannah 


  • The Villas at Stonehaven 
  • Coco Reef Resort & Spa 
  • Kariwak Village and Holistic Haven
  • Magdalena Grand Beach & Golf Resort
  • Blue Haven Hotel 

Activities In Trinidad and Tobago

Major tourist activities in Trinidad and Tobago include:

  • Touring the capital city of Port of Spain, stopping at the National Museum & Art Gallery, which houses a collection of art along with along with local history and geology artifacts 
  • Exploring Queen’s Park Savannah, home of the Botanical Gardens  with over 700 trees and exotic plants; also the Emperor Valley Zoo, one of the largest in the Caribbean 
  • Hiking and checking out the waterfalls in the rainforest along Trinidad’s coastal Northern Range; also at the Tobago Forest Reserve
  • Swimming and relaxing at one of the twin-islands beaches, including Maracas Bay in Trinidad and Pigeon Point Beach in Tobago
  • Surfing the waves at Mt Irvine Bay in Tobago 
  • Snorkeling and diving around the shallow coral gardens in Speyside, Tobago

Facts About Trinidad and Tobago


Trinidad: 1,850 square miles & Tobago: 182 square miles


1.5 million

Official Language:



Trinidad: Port of Spain  &  Tobago: Scarborough

Capital City:

 Trinidad: Port of Spain  &  Tobago: Scarborough


Unitary Parliamentary Constitutional Republic

Telephone Country Code:



left side of the road

Local Beer:

Carib Beer

National Dish:

Hot Roti: a tasty curry-filled pastry

Main Airport:

Trinidad: Piarco International Airport  &  Tobago: A.N.R. Robinson International Airport


110 – 220 V/60 Hz – plugs are two flat prongs

Visa Information For Trinidad and Tobago

Visitors from Commonwealth countries, the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and the European Union (plus Switzerland and Norway) do not need a visa to stay in Trinidad & Tobago for less than three months.  All visitors to Trinidad & Tobago will need to have a valid passport that is valid for six months from the date of intended travel.  

How Long Does It Take To Get A Visa For Trinidad & Tobago

With a valid passport and supporting documents, it typically takes two to three weeks for a Trinidad & Tobago visa application to be processed by the nearest Trinidad & Tobago embassy or consulate.

Is It Safe In Trinidad & Tobago

In comparison to major American and European cities, Trinidad & Tobago is relatively safe, but petty crime levels are somewhat high. As such, it is recommended that visitors be vigilant at all times, especially when away from the major hotels and tourist areas.  Tourists to Trinidad & Tobago should take extra precautions to safeguard their passports, money, tickets, mobile phones, and other valuables.

How To Get To Trinidad & Tobago

Most visitors to Trinidad & Tobago arrive via Piarco International Airport (IATA: POS, ICAO: TTPP).  Located 19 miles east of downtown Port of Spain in Trinidad, the airport is located in the adjacent town of Piarco.  For Tobago, visitors arrive via the A. N. R. Robinson International Airport (IATA: TAB, ICAO: TTCP).  Formerly known as the Crown Point International Airport, located in the Crown Point area of Tobago. 

From Canada, book flights to Trinidad via:

  • Air Canada Rouge: Toronto–Pearson
  • Caribbean Airlines: Toronto–Pearson
  • WestJet: Toronto–Pearson

Book Canada, book flights to Tobago via:

  • Sunwing Airlines (Seasonal:  Toronto–Pearson

From the United States, book flights to Trinidad via:

  • American Airlines: Miami
  • Caribbean Airlines: Fort Lauderdale, Miami, New York–JFK, Orlando,
  • JetBlue: Fort Lauderdale, New York–JFK
  • United Airlines: Houston–Intercontinental, Newark

From the United States, book flights to Tobago via:

  • Caribbean Airlines: New York–JFK

From the United Kingdom, book flights to Trinidad via:

  • British Airways: London-Gatwick

From the United Kingdom, book flights to Trinidad via:

  • British Airways: London–Gatwick
  • Virgin Atlantic: London Heathrow
  • Condor: Frankfurt

Within the Caribbean region, book flights to Trinidad via:

  • British Airways: St. Lucia–Hewanorra
  • Caribbean Airlines: Antigua, Barbados, Caracas, Curaçao, Georgetown–Cheddi Jagan, Grenada, Havana, Kingston–Norman Manley, Nassau, Paramaribo, St. Lucia–Vigie, St. Maarten, St. Vincent–Argyle, Tobago
  • Surinam Airways: Curaçao, Paramaribo

Within the Caribbean region, book flights to Tobago via:

  • Caribbean Airlines: Port of Spain

Within the Latin American region, book flights to Trinidad via:

  • Copa Airlines: Panama City

When To Go To Trinidad & Tobago

The most popular time to visit Trinidad & Tobago is from January to May when the weather is warm and sunny.  September is also popular as there is typically a dry spell known as the Indian summer, and airfares are usually lower.    The wet season is from June to December

Major events attracting visitors to Trinidad & Tobago include:

  • January: Harvest Festival
  • February: Trinidad Carnival
  • April: Tobago Jazz Festival
  • May: Tobago Sea to Sea Marathon
  • July: Tobago Heritage Festival
  • September: Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival
  • October: Blue Food Festival
  • November: International Surf Festival
  • December: Parang Festival

Weather In Trinidad & Tobago

The weather in Trinidad and Tobago is warm year-round.  The islands sit outside of the hurricane belt.  The average temperature is 78°F.  The wet season is from June to December.  The high season (roughly February to March) sees masses of visitors participate in Trinidad Carnival celebrations. 


Getting Married In Trinidad & Tobago

Marriage Requirements:

Couples looking to get married in Trinidad & Tobago will need to apply for a special license, which takes 24 hours to process and can only be granted to non-residents.  This is available from the Warden’s Office of the Registrar General. 

Documents Required:

In addition to the completed application for marriage, both the bride and groom will need their:

  • passports 
  • birth certificates along with driver’s licenses or other forms of identification
  • certificates of no impediment or single status report

Also, if applicable: 

  • divorce papers i.e., decree absolute and/or death certificate of spouse
  • proof of parental consent if under 18, stamped and signed by a solicitor
  • proof of name change by Deed Poll, stamped and signed by a solicitor

Residency Requirement:

Three days.


TT$337.50 to be paid in cash at the Warden’s Office, in stamps if going to Registrar General. 


Two people are required to witness the marriage.

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