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Grenada is getting ready to host its first ever chocolate festival as what could be better than sun, sand and surf? Well, sun, sand, surf and chocolate of course! As if the Caribbean needed anything more to entice visitors, beyond Grenada, there are several great chocolatiers in the Caribbean who create decadent desserts and sell them in their stores.

Jamaica is the home of Chocolate Dreams. This store is aptly named. Chocolate lovers can enjoy Jamaican white rum and chocolate in ‘original sin’ or have a ‘cherry surprise’, a maraschino cherry soaked in white rum and then dipped in creamy white chocolate. Or maybe you are in Jamaica for total utopia. Well try the utopia bar. A perfect layer of milk chocolate along with a layer of dark chocolate over caramelized pieces of sugar- yum! Everything in the Chocolate Dreams shop is handmade and made with the freshest ingredients. Chocolate mousse cakes, espresso bars, even custom-made chocolates with any image on them, are available for purchase. Have specialties made for bachelor parties, weddings, baby showers or company gifts. People can order just about any item, custom-made, from Chocolate Dreams.

Trinidad & Tobago: Cocobel Chocolate

Trinidad & Tobago: Ginger sticks crystalized and sprinkled on dark chocolate at Cocobel Chocolate Factory via ©Nadia Huggins.

Barbados offers their own fine chocolate, made from cacao grown in the Caribbean and Barbadian Plantation Reserve Cane sugar. Agapey Chocolate Factory uses simple ingredients in an age-old process to make world-class chocolate. Visitors can reserve a tour of the factory where they will see the whole process of chocolate-making, from bean to bar. Rum caramel, Cacao Grenada, and chocolate gifts are just some of their offerings so come and visit Agapey Chocolate Factory while you visit Barbados. The shop is just five minutes from the cruise port and transportation is readily available. Imagine smelling creamy Ecuador chocolate as you step off onto the dock. Heaven!

Trinidad and Tobago, the twin islands, have an exclusive ranch where cacao is grown for Cocobel Chocolate Factory. This chocolate is made and sold only on Trinidad and Tobago so it is an exclusive treat. Cocobel chocolate is made on Rancho Quemado Estate, a 45-acre estate with 25-acres of cacao trees. People who wish to purchase the chocolate will have to pick it up at the store after ordering. It is recommended that the chocolate morsels be eaten within 10 days (no problem there, right?) for optimum freshness. Take a small cooler and go to pick up mouth-sized morsels with flavors like dark chocolate basil mint and coconut brittle dipped in white chocolate. Or try something more adventurous. Trinidad locals prefer bold flavors and spices. Sample some guavas and cream chocolate, which is dark chocolate dipped guava cheese. Sound good? Go ahead and taste the tarragon and lime ganache dipped in dark chocolate for some more one-of-a-kind experiences. Cocobel Chocolate Factory also offers tours of the ranch and the process for families, school children and visitors.

Sample your way through the lush and tropical, spicy flavors of the islands at these or other chocolate shops here in the Caribbean. Made with fresh fruits, sugars and spices, this is a treat you won’t regret.

Top photo: Jamaica: Chocolate Dreams.

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