Saint Vincent and The Grenadines is a collection of 32 islands that are located in the southern end of the eastern border of the Caribbean Sea where the latter meets the Atlantic Ocean. Vastly different and offering an array of activities, Saint Vincent and The Grenadines is a destination you won’t soon forget.

Saint Vincent, the largest of the cluster of islands, is full of eco-adventures. Whether you want to hike St. Vincent’s dormant volcano, La Soufriere, or go bird watching in the lush rainforest, Saint Vincent gives you an array of experiences to discover. Scuba dive in its beautifully clear turquoise water; Saint Vincent has been called the Critter Capital of the Caribbean. Discover the Falls of Baleine and enjoy the tranquility of the sound of rushing water.

If your interested in a bit of history and a little kitsch, visit the locations where the blockbuster Hollywood movie “Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl” was filmed.

The Grenadines offer a different experience than Saint Vincent. Of the 31 islands that comprise The Grenadines 8 are inhabited (Young Island, Bequia, Mustique, Canouan, Union Island, Mayreau, Palm Island, and Petit St Vincent).

Young Island is known for rest and relaxation. The snorkeling and diving off this island are exquisite.
Bequia has the party atmosphere that is special after hours. Enjoy the beach, take a tour of the island and learn about its rich history, and dance the night away in Bequia’s Easter Regatta.

Mustique combines luxury with the Caribbean experience. Known as a spot for the rich and famous, Mustique offers a luxurious respite from every day life.

Canouan, home of the Trump International Golf Club, maintains the standard of elegance set by Mustique.

Mayreau takes quaint and remote to another level. If you are looking for a relaxing trip, this island will provide it. There is no airstrip on the island – it must be accessed via boat.

Union Island – off the beaten path and brimming with unspoiled beauty, Union Island gives interested travelers the chance to feel as if they were born in the Caribbean and explore than land as a native might a hundred years ago.

Palm Island is exclusive in nature. Enjoy this private resort and become one with the beauty of the Caribbean.

Petit St. Vincent is a luxury resort island that makes waves of its own. Chosen as one of the best luxury resorts in the Caribbean, Petit St. Vincent offers everything you could want in an island vacation.

Saint Vincent and The Grenadines is perfect for sailing enthusiast. It is the ideal places to island hop via boat, pick up a mooring, and explore a new island by day while enjoying the sway of the water at night. Saint Vincent and The Grenadines is a tropical paradise in more ways than one.

Size: 133 square miles
Population: 109,022

Language: English
Demonym: Vincentian

Government: Parliamentary Democracy under British Constitutional Monarchy
Currency: Eastern Caribbean dollar (EC$)

Main City: Kingstown
Main Airport: ET Joshua Airport

Telephone Country Code: 784

Local Beer: Hairoun
National Dish: Jackfish and Breadfruit

Entry Visa: All visitors to Saint Vincent and The Grenadines will need to have a valid passport and an onward or return ticket. Visas are not required for citizens of the United States, Canada and most European and Commonwealth countries.

When To Go: The weather Saint Vincent and The Grenadines is warm year round. The average temperature is 81°F. The dry season runs approximately from January through May. The wet season is May through October.

Marriage Requirements: Couples wishing to get married in Saint Vincent and The Grenadines will need to apply for a special license from the Ministry of Legal Affairs.

Documents Required: In addition to the completed application for marriage, both the bride and groom will need their:
• passports
• birth certificates along with driver’s licences or other forms of identification
• certificates of no impediment or single status report

Also if applicable:
• divorce papers i.e. decree absolute and/or death certificate of spouse
• proof of parental consent if under 18, stamped and signed by a solicitor
• proof of name change by Deed Poll, stamped and signed by a solicitor

Note: If any documents are not in English, an authenticated translation must be available.

Residency Requirement: A minimum of 24 hours residency is required in St. Vincent and the Grenadines before applying for a license.

Fees: Two types of licenses are available to non-residents. A Governor General License from the Ministry of Legal Affairs can be obtained one day before the wedding for approximately £138/EC$520. Alternatively, a Registry License can be obtained seven days period to the wedding date at a reduced cost of £3.80.

Witnesses: Two witnesses must be present at the ceremony.