Barbados an island paradise is the birthplace of rum. Steeped in history, it now proudly boasts its first NESCO-designated World Heritage site: Historic Bridgetown and Garrison. It’s British influence, historical presence, and festive culture is evident the moment you step onto Barbados’ sandy shores. If you are a history buff, you will love Barbados. From housing two of the only three remaining Jacobean mansions left in the western hemisphere to the rich account of the population of Barbados from 1650 onward, Barbados has much to offer those interested in world history.

Learn about Barbados’ colourful history when it comes to rum and sample a bit as you do, visit the chic shops on Broad Street in Bridgetown, and dance the night away in one of Barbados’ hottest nightclubs. This is the type of fun that is waiting for you on this activity-rich island.

If you came on vacation to play, there is no better place to be. Fly fishing, scuba diving, riding Jet Skis, and lounging in the sun. These are the things you can expect to enjoy while staying on Barbados. The island’s vibe is reminiscent of its neighbours; calypso music can be heard on the streets and a lively pep to the step can be seen everywhere you look. People are happy in Barbados. Truly happy, in ways that you won’t see on many other islands. Hard working and kind, Bajans will speak with anyone interested in a spirited conversation. This takes away the feeling of tourist versus resident – it makes your stay feel more like coming home than visiting.

Pristine beaches, including the sandy stretch at The Crane which was voted one of the top 10 beaches in the world by Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, historical richness, beautiful architecture, and a newfound friend with whom you can discuss the meaning of life over a Mai Tai at sunset… who could ask for anything more?

Size: 432 square miles
Population: 286,000

Language: English
Demonym: Barbadian or Bajan

Government: Unitary Parliamentary with British Constitutional Monarchy
Currency: Barbadian dollar (B$); plus US dollars (US$) widely accepted

Main City: Bridgetown
Main Airport: Grantley Adams International Airport

Telephone Country Code: 246

Local Beer: Banks
National Dish: Flying Fish and Cou Cou

Entry Visa: All visitors to Barbados must have a valid passport and will need to have either a ticket for another destination or a return ticket. Visas are not required for citizens of the United States, Canada and most European and Commonwealth countries.

When To Go: Barbados is known for being warm year round. The normally daily average temperature is 86°F. Nights can be cooler but not cold. Rain comes in spurts and is short lived. Before you know it, you’ll be back out on the beach enjoying the rays. You may not even leave during a rain however – a little liquid sunshine never hurt anybody.

Marriage Requirements: Couples can work in advance with a wedding planner or hotel who can make all the arrangements allowing them to get can married on the same day of arrival.

Documents Required: In addition to the completed application for marriage, both the bride and groom will need their:
• passports
• birth certificates along with driver’s licences or other forms of identification
• certificates of no impediment or single status report

Also if applicable:
• divorce papers i.e. decree absolute and/or death certificate of spouse
• proof of parental consent if under 18, stamped and signed by a solicitor
• proof of name change by Deed Poll, stamped and signed by a solicitor

When presenting in person at the Ministry of Home Affairs, couples will also need to show their return tickets. For a Roman Catholic Church wedding, contact the bishop of Bridgetown as additional documents and fees beyond what’s stated below are required.

Residency: There is no minimum length of stay in Barbados.

Fees: Barbadian $200 cash plus Barbadian $25 stamp.

Witnesses: Two people are required to witness the marriage.