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After the recent category 5 hurricanes in the Caribbean, it is anticipated that many will shy away from vacationing in the region. This is most unfortunate as 70% of the Caribbean destinations are very much open for business – many were not even impacted by Hurricanes Maria or Irma. Open and welcoming visitors are islands like Grenada where I’ll be visiting for two weeks this October. The first week in Grenada will be spent with four other diaspora influencers exploring the islands’ beautiful beaches, waterfalls, rivers, gardens, chocolate and nutmeg farms, rum distilleries and various historic sites.

During my second week in Grenada, I’ll be attending the Caribbean Tourism Organization State of the Industry Conference (SOIC) which takes on greater importance this year. The general theme is “Supercharging the Caribbean Brand: Meeting the Needs of the New Explorers” and I’m looking forward to attending the following sessions:
* Infusing Dynamism in Caribbean Tourism
* Who are the New Explorers
* Business Models that Rock
* Turning Our Waters Into Goldmines – Investing in the Blue Economy
* Spicing Up the Caribbean Brand
* Rebuild & Recovery – The Future of Caribbean Tourism

For both the diaspora influencers trip and SOIC conference in Grenada, I will be documenting via Twitter and Instagram using the #NextStopGrenada and and#CCGrenada hashtags.  The feed will pull through below, so come back and check it out.   Also, check out the Facebook page for Caribbean & Co. as I’ll be doing some live video posting there. So join me as I explore the Spice Island – Grenada who are very much open for business!

Top photo: A view of Fort George in Saint George’s, Grenada. Photo: ©Flickr/David Kirsch.

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