Antigua Carnival

Antigua Carnival

Market Street, St. John's Antigua & Barbuda

DATE: July 23rd to August 4th, 2020

Recognized worldwide for its display of arts, culture, music, and revelry, Antigua Carnival now in its 63rd year is truly unique. This 10-day Caribbean festival which celebrates the island’s emancipation from slavery in 1834, fuses together creative talents and skills that burst into a kaleidoscope of color and entertainment, leaving no room for dull moments. The Antigua Carnival schedule includes days and nights of elegant pageantry to the rhythmic sound of the steel pan or iron band with visitors and residents alike trapped in a party frenzy, fulfilling their cultural cravings by the end of the festivities.

For anyone who wants an insight or perhaps a hands-on experience of the Antiguan culture, then visiting between late July and August for Antigua Carnival will address every question, and leave you wanting more. One thing you can expect to see during Antigua Carnival are thousands of intricate, hand-made costumes exuberating with festive colors, lavish feathers, gems, and sequins gleaming in the tropical sun.

Whether you’re busy getting sprayed with water and paint at the crack of dawn during the massive J’ouvert, waving your rags and jumping to your favorite infectious soca song, or simply banging on an old frying pan in the iron band, you are guaranteed a good time. Even if you are one of the thousands lined up at the side of the road watching the splendor unfold, you are in for a festive feast as Antigua Carnival is for everyone.

From July 23rd to August 4th, 2020, witness the transformation, taste the culture, and avoid the regret of not visiting Antigua & Barbuda, for the Caribbean’s Greatest Summer Festival.  Check out the Antigua Carnival schedule below and reach out to SN Travel to who have put together a number of Antigua Carnival vacation packages.

Antigua Carnival 2020 Schedule

Antigua Carnival is typically scheduled for the last weekend in July until the first Tuesday in August. The 2019 Antigua Carnival schedule is as follows:

  • * Thursday, July 23rd: Opening Parade & Ceremony, and Junior Party Monarch
  • * Friday, July 24th: – Queen of Carnival
  • * Saturday, July 25th: T-shirt Mas
  • * Sunday, July 26th: Junior Carnival and State Insurance Corporation Junior Calypso Monarch
  • * Monday, July 27th: Mr & Miss Teenage Pageant
  • * Tuesday, July 28th: Ricardo Drue presents Drue’s Day
  • * Wednesday, July 29th: Jaycees Queen Show
  • * Thursday, July 30th: Caribbean Melting Pot
  • * Friday, July 31st: Calypso Monarch
  • * Saturday, August 1st: Panorama Competition
  • * Sunday, August 2nd: Party Monarch
  • * Monday, August 3rd: J’ouvert, Carnival Monday – Judging of the Troupes and Groups
  • * Tuesday, August 4th: Carnival Tuesday – Parade of the Troupes and Groups

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More Information

For more information about Antigua Carnival, check out their official website along with Caribbean & Co. blog posts  7 Things To Know About Antigua Carnival and Exploring The Historic City Of St John’s Antigua.

Market Street, St. John's Antigua & Barbuda