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Cadence-lypso, Afro-beat, Merengue and more are set to lure visitors to Dominica this year for the World Creole Music Festival. With the theme ‘Creole Runs the Night’, the stage at Windsor Park Stadium in Roseau, Dominica will come alive October 24th to October 26th for music lovers from around the world.

The Midnight Groovers and their cadence-lypso style of music will have visitors swaying to the beat. They will also be this year’s ’Honorable Creole Icon’ at the festival. Elvis Crespo, of Puerto Rico will perform flaming Merengue-style music that gets the bootie shaking and the hips doing double-time. Jah Cure, with the pleasingly smooth guitar and maracas will cause visitors to believe in ‘Unconditional Love’.

Of course there will be Dominican artist represented at the festival as well. The Triple Kay Global band will bring heart-pumping bouyon rhythms in their authentic way. From the south of Dominica, Xtasy Band will be making their debut in this year’s Creole Music Festival.

The fast party-style beat of Zouk, which originated in Guadeloupe and ‘compas’ or ‘konpa direk’ in Creole, the Haitian modern merengue music, will be performed by the masters of the art such as ‘Franky Vincent’ and Tabou Combo. These dare-you-not-to-dance beats will have you gasping for breath and cheering for more.

All of the big name zouk masters will be present for this 3-day musical event. Hear Lokassa Ya Bongo from Africa. This guitarist strung his instrument with two E strings which created the Compose style and earned him a spot in Creole music history. He founded the Soukous Stars, which still performs today.

It’s a festival, so of course there will be food and drinks. Music at the Krazy Koconut will be provided between acts by up-and-coming stars. And all three nights will be full of happy people and jamming music.

As if the festival itself weren’t enough for visitors, don’t forget to enjoy the island while you are there. The Dominican government sponsors this event to promote tourism to the ‘Nature Island’. Take time during the days to walk on black sand beaches and enjoy the unspoiled beauty of the Caribbean. See the boiling lake in Morne Trios Pitons National Park. Ride through Titou Gorge where two hot springs and a river and a rock pool join for a true ‘nature ride’.

Hike the trails to one of many waterfalls. Traipse through Papillote Tropical Gardens and enjoy the jade vines with pink, blue and red blossoms. Orchids, frogs and birds live here, too. Go through the Valley of Desolation to see a land of boiling mud, hot springs and mini-geysers.

When you are exhausted from all of the festival fun and the touring, relax at a cabin in the jungle such as Zen Garden. Or try the beautiful Evergreen Hotel. Both are located in Roseau near Windsor Park and both offer great staff and fantastic Dominican hospitality.

Purchase your tickets now and get ready for Dominica’s World Creole Festival!

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