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In honour of National Rum Day, we take a look at the latest campaign from Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum. Surprisingly, instead of your typical high gloss spirits commercial, the campaign titled From Jamaica With Love showcases the rich history, personality and heritage of the 265-year-old distilling rum brand. Featuring music and lyrics by Jamaican musician Brushy One String, the adverts show real employees including Master Blender Joy Spence — the industry’s first female master blender — on the Appleton Estate in Nassau Valley working to turn sugar cane into a premium rum! In addition to the people, there is beautiful imagery of the lush vegetation of the island. So overall, really impressed with the campaign created by San Francisco-based ARGONAUT, despite the few clips that should have been left on the editing floor (i.e. the close-up images of women dressing and dancing suggestively). The campaign which was officially launched on Jamaica Independence Day (August 6th) is truly authentic and shows real passion from the people producing Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum with time-honored and unique traditions. It’s the sort of campaign that more Caribbean brands need to create instead of the vanilla ones that we see time and time again.

From Cane to Cup:

From Jamaica With Love:

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Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum From Cane to Cup

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