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Summer is the perfect season for cocktails made with Caribbean rum. And below I share the recipes for four Caribbean rum cocktails as learnt during a recent masterclass hosted by Pure Grenada. The four summer cocktails include Nutmeg Espresso Martini, Chilli & Coconut Mojito, Grapefruit & Marzipan Daiquiri, and Zombie.

Recipes For 4 Summer Cocktails 

Nutmeg Espresso Martini:
37.5ml Grenadian Rum
37.5ml Kahlua
37.5ml Cold Brew Coffee
10ml Nutmeg Syrup

Add all ingredients and shake with plenty of ice, strain into chilled martini glass and garnish with a dusting of nutmeg.

Caribbean Rum Cocktail - Nutmeg Espresso Martini
Caribbean Rum Cocktail – Nutmeg Espresso Martini.

Chilli & Coconut Mojito:
50ml Grenadian Rum
1 Full lime
Dash Coco Lopez
12.5ml Chilli Syrup
Handful Mint Leaves

Add all ingredients into a collins glass and churn with crushed ice, garnish with a mint sprig.

Summer Cocktails with Grenada Rum - Chilli & Coconut Mojito
Caribbean Rum Cocktail – Chilli & Coconut Mojito.

Grapefruit & Marzipan Daiquiri:
50ml Mount Gay Rum (unmarked bottle)
1 Blackberry muddled
1/8 Grapefruit
1 full lime
12.5ml Orgeat Syrup

Muddle Blackberry, add all other ingredients and shake with ice. Strain into a sugar rimmed glass filled with ice.

Caribbean Rum Cocktail - Grapefruit & Marzipan Daiquiri
Caribbean Rum Cocktail – Grapefruit & Marzipan Daiquiri.

75ml Grenadian Rum
25ml Apricot Brandy
25ml Pineapple Juice
25ml Orange Juice
1 Lime
15ml Grenadine

Shake all ingredients and Garnish with a lime husk with overproof rum and a nutmeg flame.

Caribbean Rum Cocktail - Zombie Caribbean Rum Cocktail – Zombie.

All the above cocktails are delicious and perfect for cooling off when temperatures sore. However, must admit that my favorite of the four Caribbean rum cocktails is the Chilli & Coconut Mojito. The mix of Westerhall — Grenadian rum, lime, Coco Lopez, chili syrup, mint leaves and crushed ice was simply delicious and oh so refreshing. So definitely will be making time and time again!

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Summer is the perfect season for cocktails made with Caribbean rum. Here are 4 cocktail recipes using rum from the beautiful Caribbean island of Grenada.

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