Pirates Week Festival

Pirates Week Festival

10 Shedden Road, P.O. Box 51, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
345 949 5078

DATE: 9th November 2017 to 13th November 2017

Pirates Week is a swashbuckling festival of fun which takes place in the Cayman Islands every November. With music, dance, costumes, fireworks and a whole host of adventures lined up for the entire family, Pirates Week Festival hosts a bounty of great events that will help you create many treasured memories.

Pirates Week Festival gets off to a thrilling start with a number of events lined up to get you in the pirate mood from the first night. The kick-off party features a steel pan competition and there will be plenty of fireworks to keep you watching the skies as you party into the night. The Festival Queen will be crowned and the Street Dance event and the Food Festival will ensure you get to experience the very best of Caribbean culture.

Watch out for the pirate invasion

The first Saturday features a breath-taking pirate invasion and if you ever wanted to witness the spectacle of a marauding horde of pirates coming to land with the intention of ransacking the local area, this is safest and most fun way to do. This invasion is led by two traditional sailing vessels that are packed to the gunnels with pirates. The landing takes place at the harbour in George Town and the pirates are on the lookout for the Governor, so they can capture him. This spectacle is watched by thousands of people every year and even people who have witnessed the invasions before will find something worth watching as there is always a new twist to the invasion. When it comes to thrilling fun that is enjoyable for all of the family, this is one of the very few pirate invasions you want to be at.

Pirates Week Festival is taken very seriously and the fact that many streets are closed off allows everyone to get involved in a safe manner. There is a real friendly and family focus to the events offered during Pirates Week Festival and there are day and evening events which means that everyone can join in the fun and find something that caters perfectly to their needs.

For good wholesome family fun at a Caribbean carnival/festival, consider the Cayman Islands Pirates Week Festival which takes places every November. There are street dances, competitions, games, wonderful local food and drink, kids day, glittering parades, sports events for everyone, Heritage Days, pirate invasion and fireworks galore.
10 Shedden Road, P.O. Box 51, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

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